I want to fetch the URL from a cell which has this formula applied to it.

=HYPERLINK(CONCATENATE("https://loremipsum.com/#/Advertiser/",[@[Customer CID]],"/.html"), "View")

The formula has a structured reference to one of the columns in my sheet, 'Customer CID'.

When I try to apply this macro to my sheet it gives the default_value even when the formula is evaluating a correct URL.

Function GetURL(cell As Range, Optional default_value As Variant)
      If (cell.Range("A1").Hyperlinks.Count <> 1) Then
          GetURL = default_value
          GetURL = cell.Range("A1").Hyperlinks(1).Address
      End If
End Function

But when I do not apply the formula and add a Hyperlink to the cell by right-clicking the cell, the macro funtion =GetUrl([@[Customer CID]], "") works and gives me the URL.

Does anyone know how can I perform this task to fetch Hyperlink from a cell if that cell is evaluating the hyperlink from a formula ??

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There's no direct way of getting the URL from a cell with a hyperlink generated by a formula. You need to extract the first argument from the HYPERLINK() function, and manually evaluate it.

This is the modified version of your code that does this:

Function GetURL(cell As Range, Optional default_value As Variant)
  With cell.Range("A1")
    If .Hyperlinks.Count = 1 Then
      GetURL = .Hyperlinks(1).Address
      If Left$(Replace(Replace(Replace(.Formula, " ", ""), vbCr, ""), vbLf, ""), 11) = "=HYPERLINK(" Then
        Dim idxFirstArgument As Long: idxFirstArgument = InStr(.Formula, "(") + 1
        GetURL = Evaluate(Mid$(.Formula, idxFirstArgument, InStrRev(.Formula, ",") - idxFirstArgument))
        GetURL = default_value
      End If
    End If
  End With
End Function

Note that any extraneous spaces, or added line breaks in the formula are properly accounted for.


  • This will only work on formulas with an outermost HYPERLINK() function. (However, every formula can be refactored so that HYPERLINK() is outermost, with only a minor drawback; alternately all formulas can be refactored to one of the forms =IF(…,…,HYPERLINK()) or =HYPERLINK(), with no drawbacks, and only requiring a minor modification to the code; finally, with quite a bit of effort, code could be written to parse any formula no matter where the HYPERLINK() function is situated.);
  • If there are any commas after the comma delimiting the first and second arguments of the HYPERLINK() function, the code will break (can be fixed relatively easily).

Other answers don't handle variations in the formula very well. For example, they fail if the formula contains both the LINK_LOCATION parameter and the FRIENDLY_NAME parameter. Others also fail if the formula has extra spaces or line breaks in certain areas.

This answer isn't perfect but it works better than other answers I have found as of the date I am posting this. I have identified cases where this code will work and where it will fail.

This VBA function is a bit long but it will extract the URL/address of a hyperlink either from a HYPERLINK() formula or a non-formula hyperlink imbedded in a cell.

It checks for a non-formula hyperlink first since that is the easiest and most reliably extracted hyperlink. If one doesn't exist it checks for a hyperlink in a formula.

Extraction from a formula ONLY works if there is nothing outside the HYPERLINK() function except an equal sign.

Acceptable HYPERLINK() Formulas

It WILL work on this formula:

=HYPERLINK("https://" & A1, "My Company Website")

It WILL work on this formula too (notice extra spaces and line breaks):

HYPERLINK(     "https://" & A1, 
         "My Company Website" & B2)

It will NOT work on this formula:

=IF(  LEN(A1)=0, "", HYPERLINK("https://" & A1, "My Company Website")  )


Function HyperLinkText(ByVal Target As Excel.Range) As String
    ' If TARGET is multiple cells, only check the first cell.
    Dim firstCellInTarget As Excel.Range
    Set firstCellInTarget = Target.Cells.Item(1)
    Dim returnString As String
    ' First check if the cell contains a non-formula hyperlink.
    If Target.Hyperlinks.Count > 0 Then
        ' Cell contains a non-formula hyperlink.
        returnString = Target.Hyperlinks.Item(1).Address    ' extract hyperlink text from the Hyperlinks property of the range
        ' Cell does -NOT- contain a non-formula hyperlink.
        '   Check for a formula hyperlink.
        Dim targetFormula As String
        targetFormula = firstCellInTarget.Formula
        Dim firstOpenParenthesisIndex As Long
        firstOpenParenthesisIndex = VBA.InStr(1, _
                                              targetFormula, _
                                              "(", _
        Dim cleanFormulaHyperlinkPrefix As String
        cleanFormulaHyperlinkPrefix = Left$(targetFormula, firstOpenParenthesisIndex)
        cleanFormulaHyperlinkPrefix = Replace$(Replace$(Replace$(cleanFormulaHyperlinkPrefix, Space$(1), vbNullString), vbCr, vbNewLine), vbLf, vbNullString)
        Dim cleanFormulaPart2 As String
        cleanFormulaPart2 = Mid$(targetFormula, firstOpenParenthesisIndex + 1)
        Dim cleanFormulaCombined As String
        cleanFormulaCombined = cleanFormulaHyperlinkPrefix & cleanFormulaPart2
        ' Get all text inside the HYPERLINK() function.
        '   This is either a single LINK_LOCATION parameter or both the
        '   LINK_LOCATION and FRIENDLY_NAME parameters separated by a comma.
        '   Ex. 1 Parameter:        "https://" & $A$1
        '   Ex. 2 Parameters:       "https://" & $A$1, "Click Here To Open the Company URL"
        Dim tmpString As String
        tmpString = Mid$(cleanFormulaCombined, VBA.Len(HYPERLINK_FORMULA_PREFIX) + 1)
        Dim textInsideHyperlinkFunction As String
        textInsideHyperlinkFunction = Left$(tmpString, VBA.Len(tmpString) - 1)
        ' Get the first parameter (LINK_LOCATION) from the text inside the HYPERLINK()
        '   function by using =EVALUATE().  If text inside the HYPERLINK() function
        '   contains two parameters, they will be separated by a comma and EVALUATE()
        '   will return an error.  Start with the entire text inside the HYPERLINK()
        '   function.  If EVALUATE() returns an error, remove one character from the end
        '   of the string being evaluated and try again.  Eventually only one parameter
        '   will be evaluated and EVALUATE() will return a text string.
        '   For example, if the string to be evaluated is:
        '       "https://" & $A$1, "Click Here To Open the Company URL"
        '   and cell A1 contains:
        '       mycompany.com
        '   EVALUATE will return:
        '       https://mycompany.com
        Dim hyperlinkLinkLocation As String
        Dim i As Long
        For i = VBA.Len(textInsideHyperlinkFunction) To 1 Step -1   ' with each failure, shrink length of string-to-evaluate by one

            If Not VBA.IsError(Excel.Application.Evaluate("=" & Left$(textInsideHyperlinkFunction, i))) Then
                hyperlinkLinkLocation = Excel.Application.Evaluate("=" & Left$(textInsideHyperlinkFunction, i))
                Exit For        ' ****
            End If

        Next i
        returnString = hyperlinkLinkLocation

    End If
    ' Return the hyperlink string.
    HyperLinkText = returnString
End Function

How to Use the Function

Sub Test()
    ' Display hyperlink of the first cell
    '    in the currently selected range.
    Msgbox HyperLinkText(Selection) ' displays the hyperlink of the first cell
End Sub
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