I mainly use Linux, and have 3 partitions (which I do not want to change) on my MBR disk. I have one slot available for Windows XP, for occasional use offline, such as updating my BIOS.

How do I install Windows XP when I only have this one partition slot left? It keeps complaining:

Setup cannot create a new partition in the space you selected because the maximum number of partitions already exists the disk.

AFAIK, the max limit is 4, but I only have 3, the new partition would be the 4th. Or does it want to create two, one for itself and another one for some reserved space?

enter image description here

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Problem solved for now:

  1. Created a rescue USB with GParted (my linux would not boot after I restarted)
  2. Create NTFS partition in empty space
  3. XP Installer no longer complains.
  4. Create new NTFS (quick) in the same place (I had a hal.dll error if I kept the one from GParted)

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