I booted up linux Mint 17.3 and installed the latest Vivaldi {1.15.1147.42} I went to ebay.com and logged in. I also have an extension installed: Ublock Origin and it's Companion. I noticed to the right in my address bar space, just to the left of the 'Add Bookmark' icon was an icon with red up and down arrows next to each other. This isn't something Ublock was blocking.

An older picture containing a similar icon Image

The site with explanation containing above mentioned image

Since that was from 2016, the current Vivaldi has an updated icon with a slightly different look. I couldn't take my own picture of it as I could no longer see it.

I hovered the icon and the message was "Content from unauthenticated sources has been blocked. Click allow to loading" I looked all over the page and didn't see anything looking like something should be in a space but wasn't. right clicking the icon did nothing and nowhere am I seeing what is blocked.

So I clicked it and it reloaded the page. That icon is no longer there. I looked all over the page and I don't see anything else different.

I've restored everything associated with that tab and logged out and quit and restarted the browser. the icon won't return and what was blocked that is now allowed forever on this install of this OS and Vivaldi?

Whatever was blocked and whether I identified it or not I still want it blocked. Even more since it wasn't identified. How do I un-click it and get my unidentified content blocked like my browser thought it should be?

If my question goes well, I may create an account here so please don't spoil my experience.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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