I'm trying to lookup a value in a row based on a keyword and return the value. Example:

Column 1                Column 2                Column 3                Result
http://1stexample.com   http://2ndexample.com   http://3rdexample.com   =LOOPUP for "1stexample" should return http://1stexample.com
http://1stexample2.com  http://2ndexample2.com  http://3rdexample2.com  =LOOPUP for "1stexample" should return http://1stexample2.com

Any way to archive this with an Excel functions (VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH, etc)?


You need to use MATCH() and INDEX():

Worksheet ScreenShot

Enter this formula in E2 and ctrl-enter/copy-paste/fill-down into the rest of the column:



If the third argument of MATCH() is a 0 (exact match), then the find string can use wildcards. * means zero or more characters, so MATCH("*1stexample*",…,0) means match the first string containing the phrase 1stexample.

  • @2by You're welcome. I just added an explanation if you need one. – robinCTS Jun 16 '18 at 12:19

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