I have this wmic command which finds out the PID of my process and works fine from cmd, but refuses to produce output when executed in a bat-file:

wmic /output:process.pid process where (Name like '%java%' and commandLine like '%part-of-the-path%') get ProcessId

When I run it from cmd, it produces a file containing


The info is followed by two blank lines. When I run it from a batch-file, it only produces a file with two blank lines.

I tried /output:filename, > filename and | more > filename, all with the same result.

Why is this? How to make the command produce output from the batch?

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    In batch file, are you replacing % with %%? %jave% on command prompt must be %%java%% in batch file. – Sandeep Jun 18 '18 at 12:36
  • %java% is not set beforehand. Like SQL, wmic uses this as an asterisk matching any text. I don't want batch to interpret the string, but just give it to wmic as is. The solution from @Sandeep seems to work. – sinned Jun 18 '18 at 12:48

Just like most of programming languages, a batch file also has escape characters. % sign used in command line is an escape character in batch file and give the command a different meaning. It is actually looking for a variable named %java%.

To resolve this problem, use %% instead of % in batch file. To see more details and information on other escape character look here.

Following command should work in batch file.

wmic /output:process.pid process where (Name like '%%java%%' and commandLine like '%%part-of-the-path%%') get ProcessId

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