Until the last upgrade of VLC, when I tried to open a subtitle for a movie, after choosing the "open subtitle" in the menu, a window opened showing the same folder where the movie file was located. (I usually start the movie file in Total Commander, not in VLC and I want to do so in the future too). After the last upgrade, when I try to add a subtitle to a movie, it starts a window showing the last in the VLC opened folder (the folder of the subtitle of the last viewed movie or folder of last listened music.) Where and how can I set, that at opening a subtitle the VLC opens automatically the folder of the movie just being watched? I use Windows 10 Home 64 bit version and VLC Media Player 3.0.3 version

  • There is not setting that I can find, and you are correct, they have broken that function, hopefully it will get fixed in the next version of VLC.
    – Moab
    Jun 18, 2018 at 16:37

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This was discussed in the VLC forums, and the following answer was given:

This is fixed for 3.0.4. Please try a nightly build, if you want.

If you're interesting in trying a nightly build, they can be found here.

I also noticed that a workaround is mentioned:

I have found out that I can drag and drop my subtitles from the folder I am presently in directly into the window.

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