Can one change these shortcuts to something else and where in that case?


There is currently a feature request for this (you need a GoogleGroups account to access): F5 vs F8 for continue Options
There was also a workaround done for earlier versions of FireFox by Patrick Kaeding, but from what I can work out, it doesn't work with the current version (FireFox 3.6, FireBug 1.5) Customize Firebug shortcut keys


I know this question is too old but I hope my answer will help somebody.

Firefox extension is usual zip-archive. If you unarchive it u can edit file: "${Firebug_unarchived}/content/firebug/js/scriptPanel.js". In this file find lines #919 - 929 with content:

        Locale.$STRF("firebug.labelWithShortcut", [Locale.$STR("script.Rerun"), "Shift+F8"]));
        Locale.$STRF("firebug.labelWithShortcut", [Locale.$STR("script.Continue"), "F8"]));
        Locale.$STRF("firebug.labelWithShortcut", [Locale.$STR("script.Step_Into"), "F11"]));
        Locale.$STRF("firebug.labelWithShortcut", [Locale.$STR("script.Step_Over"), "F10"]));
            [Locale.$STR("script.Step_Out"), "Shift+F11"]));

There are hotkeys for debugger commands. Simply changed it and package extension back.

Be careful after firebug update all hotkeys will reset so you should change them again (or simply disable auto-update for Firebug).

P.S. Actual version of Firebug is 1.11.4.

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