The animation timeline on Photoshop CS5 seems to be locked at 30fps is there a way of increasing this frame rate?

Snippet of Photoshop CS5 Animation Timeline

I have tried increasing the fps when exporting the animation through 'Render Video'.

Snippet of Photoshop CS5 Render Video window

This lets me choose a custom frame rate, however when it is increased to 60fps this only adds duplicate frames to make up the missing 30fps resulting in a very noticeably choppy animation when played at 60fps.


Timeline settings can be edited through the Document Settings.

  1. From the Animation Timeline menu select Document Settings to enable the Timeline settings.
  2. Set frame rate to 60 fps.

Click on the expand Animation Timeline Menu Select Document Settings enter image description here


Well, now it's different..

you will see entry called Set Timeline Frame Rate in this burger menu

enter image description here

and then type your desired fps or select one from the drop down menu

enter image description here

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