What I have

I have a SurfacePro 3 with Windows 10 OS which isn't allowed in the domain.
On the SurfacePro is a VMWare Horizon Client 4.7 installed which uses PCoIP to connect from an external Wifi into a Virtual Desktop with Windows 7 OS.
This Windows 7 Virtual Desktop is in the domain.
There is a Konica Minolta Network Printer which is wanted to set as standard for this VDI.


Since that the Windows 10 Host Os isn't allowed in the domain, I can't add the Konica Minolta Printer to the device.
Everytime the VDI boots does it take the standard printer from the OS instead of the one that has been set as standard in the VDI.


Is there a way to remember the standard printer in the VDI or stop the VDI to take the standard printer from the host?
Other workarounds will be considered too.

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