Not sure if this is the right Stack Exchange forum for this but I'm using Word (Desktop version from Office 365 subscription) and I have a defined table style that I am using to format all the tables in my document. I know that I can use the "Repeat Header Rows" option on the ribbon to apply the "Header Row" styling to multiple rows rather than just the top row of the table i.e.

Without "Repeat header row" button pressed: enter image description here

With "Repeat header row" button pressed: enter image description here

However I now have multiple "Total Rows". Is there a way to apply the styling to these rows in the same way through a hidden "Repeat Total Rows" option I don't know about? i.e.

When total row check box is ticked: enter image description here

What I want to happen with one click somewhere: enter image description here

Of course I can manually change the borders but then if I change the table style, I will have to do then again and I have quite a lot of tables.

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