I attempted to update to High Sierra (I'm a year behind). It failed with “filesystem verify or repair failed.” The only option it gives me is restart, which I've tried multiples times, and I'm stuck in a loop.

I tried to boot into recovery mode and run fsck on the volume. However, that fails with “CreateNewBTree returned -34 Disk full error.” My disk is not actually full, Disk Utility reports 33 GB free.

I thought maybe deleting some files might help anyway. How can I mount the filesystem to delete stuff?

Booting into single user mode actually boots me from a disk with "Install macOS High Sierra.app" on the filesystem, not my main Macintosh HD volume. It's like I'm stuck at a point where my boot disk is pointed to this upgrade install disk.

If I turn my computer on without doing anything, it asks for my disk password and shows my user's avatar image, and entering my password promptly jumps to the black macOS loading bar and it tries to install High Sierra, which quickly fails due to the disk issue.

  • Is there any data on the disk that you need? At this point that would be my first concern. – JakeGould Jun 20 '18 at 23:43
  • In theory no, I did a time machine backup this morning, but I did do some work today I'd rather not have to repeat. There must be some way to mount the disk even if fsck fails, no? – Aaron Ash Jun 20 '18 at 23:54
  • All, I gotta say is if the disk is hosed, the disk is hosed. My only suggestion right now is if you could restore your Time Machine back to some other external drive that could then give you something substantial to work with. Or, I know you say you don’t want to redo work you did this morning, but which is harder to do? Redo the work? Or restore from disk? – JakeGould Jun 21 '18 at 0:03

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