I am attempting to run a relay node on my Kali Linux VM. It appears like everything is working. I started it with systemctl and the service is active.

I looked up my public IP on


But it didn't show up. Is it working?

If not, then how can I further diagnose the problem... if any? I ran the following command

tshark -i eth0 | grep 11666

Traffic started flooding in. However, if I disable Tor and rerun the Wireshark command, I still get tons of traffic flooding in so I don't think Wireshark alone is a good indicator of success.

Here is my torrc file. And yes, I restarted tor via systemctl

Nickname myNiceRelay1111
ORPort 11666
DirPort 11667
ExitRelay 0
SocksPort 0
ControlSocket 0
ContactInfo operator@1111.com

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