After successfully installing Notepad++ on my Mac using Winebottler, I was pleased to see that many of the plugins install just fine using the Plugin Manager. A few plugins such as Compare seem to need a bit of additional tweaking however in order to be used easily.

Upon looking into the Plugin Manager settings this appears to be the target path for installs --

Expected Path: C:\users\<your_name>\Application Data\Notepad++\plugins\Config

Investigated Path: /Applications/Notepad++.app/Contents/Resources/wineprefix/drive_c/users/<your_name>/Application Data/Notepad++/plugins/config

When navigating to the investigated path above the folder contents appear empty. Nothing appears even after enabling hidden files.

Where else would these plugins would be installed for Notepad++ on a Mac (using Wine)?

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I have two editors on my Mac that I use regularly, Atom and VScode. Both of these have a directory located in my home directory. These are .atom and .vscode. In both cases any modules or extensions are stored the the respective folder.

  • A good thought, but installing Windows programs on a Mac using Winebottler and the Wine translation engine generally requires that the files are placed in destinations that mimic a Windows folder structure
    – Taliesin
    Commented Jun 23, 2018 at 1:10

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