Is there really no way at all to make Chromium clear browsing history on exit? The closest way I know is to use incognito mode, which is fine except for the inconvenience of opening the browser, opening an incognito tab, then closing the original tab. Furthermore, when I click on a link in a different program, it will open in a regular tab, not an incognito tab, if the browser is not running.


I see 3 ways:

  1. The simple way is to use the Incognito mode automatically. Add --incognito flag at the end of the Chromium shortcut and restart the browser. This way works on Chromium and Google Chrome.

Incognito mode in Chromium browser

Now, you browse in Incognito mode all the time.

  1. Use a browser extension like Click&Clean and close Chromium with it.

  2. Clean history manually with clearBrowserData. Just type chrome://settings/clearBrowserData in the address bar (omnibox) before to close Chromium.

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For clearing cookies on exit:

  • Enable: Settings->Privacy and security->Site settings->Cookies->Keep local data until you quit your browser

For clearing browsing history on exit:

You need to change the value of policy setting: SavingBrowserHistoryDisabled

Depending on the OS the location and value of the setting changes.


Set Registry value Software\Policies\Google\Chrome\SavingBrowserHistoryDisabled to 0x00000001


#1.  chose directory 
#based on this doc: https://www.chromium.org/administrators/linux-quick-start
# chrome
cd /etc/opt/chrome/
# chromium
cd /etc/chromium/

# however on my ubuntu: 
cd /etc/chromium-browser/

# 2.
mkdir -p policies/managed
cd policies/managed

# become su
sudo -i

# 3. Just edit a new or existing json file (e.g. custom_policy.json) 
# and add the key-value pair: {"SavingBrowserHistoryDisabled" : true}
vim custom_policy.json

# 3 Alternatively from the command line 
[ -f custom_policy.json ] || echo "{}" > custom_policy.json
jq '.SavingBrowserHistoryDisabled = true' custom_policy.json|sponge custom_policy.json

# 4. remove write permission
chmod -w .


For mac follow this guide. The corresponding value should be set to: <true />

Then after restarting your browser you should see the loaded policy with values under: chrome://policy

In the (3 dots) menu section also you will now see the message: Managed by your organization

manually clearing history and cookes:

Ctrl-Shift-Delete -> Select options to clear-> Press clear data


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