A couple of days ago I noticed that for all websites, chrome omits from the address bar the protocol and the subdomain if it is www. My co-workers report that they are not seeing this.

For example, if I type into the address bar "https://www.google.com" (without the quotes), Chrome immediately displays the chip "Secure" followed by google.com. See attached screen shots.

what I enter

what Chrome displays

I have looked in vain for Chrome settings that affect this, plus the chrome://flags page and chrome://net-internals page.

I did not do anything consciously to make this change.

Any ideas?

EDIT: suggestion from MrWhite that Ominbox UI Hide Stead-State URL Scheme and Trivial Subdomains had become enabled: good suggestion, except that the setting is still at "Default". See screen shot:

Omnibox UI Hide Steady-State -- still set to Default

However, as a shot in the dark, I am going to play with the setting to see what happens.

First I set it to "disabled". That restored the previous behavior of the address bar, which is to not to hide the protocol and "trivial subdomains". Then I changed it back to "Default", and it was hiding them again. One would suspect that somehow the default has been changed, except that co-workers are not reporting this issue.

Oh, well. I'll just leave it as Disabled for now.

I would be ready to accept the answer from MrWhite, because it provides a workaround. Yet will leave it open for a bit longer, because it does not really answer why this behavior has changed, and why it has to be overridden.

EDIT 2: Chrome version is 67.0.3396.87.

EDIT 3: I would now accept the answer from MrWhite as the most complete. However, rAlen does add additional info, so there dilemma of not being able to "split the credit" is there.

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    What version of Chrome are you using? – MrWhite Jun 25 '18 at 19:21
  • Please provide what your version of Chrome is, and maybe even ask your coworkers what version they have. It could be that yours was updated, but theirs are not. – mbomb007 Jun 25 '18 at 20:28

The behaviour you are seeing is consistent with having the "Omnibox UI Hide Steady-State URL Scheme and Trivial Subdomains" setting enabled within chrome://flags.

Chrome Flag - Omnibox UI Hide Steady-State URL Scheme and Trivial Subdomains

Returning this flag to "Default" (or "Disabled") and restarting the browser (prompted) should get your scheme + subdomains back. This is on Chrome Version 67.0.3396.87 (Official Build) (64-bit) - Windows.

Except checking that setting does not show "Enabled"; rather it shows "Default".

As far as I can gather, whether "Default" means "Enabled" or "Disabled" is built-in to the Chrome executable. So, this is primarily version dependent. Note also that settings vary between "Developer" and "Stable" builds.

Settings can also be enabled/disabled in command line switches. So this is another area that is worth checking. Reference: https://peter.sh/experiments/chromium-command-line-switches/ - although I don't see much relating to the Omnibox in this list.

UPDATE: As noted in another answer, from Chrome Version 69 (tested Version 69.0.3497.81), this feature now seems to be enabled by "Default". So, you must explicitly set this to "Disabled" to remove this feature.

  • Sounds like it is a good explanation. Except checking that setting does not show "Enabled"; rather it shows "Default". See screen shot attached to original question. – Jeffrey Simon Jun 25 '18 at 15:35
  • Maybe the "Default" setting is enabled on your version of Chrome? Try explicitly setting this to "Disabled" (as mentioned above). What version of Chrome are you using? Whatever "default" means may also be configured somewhere in some "master" config file? I've tested this on Chrome version mentioned above, but I must explicitly "enable" this feature. I then get the same result you are seeing in your screenshots of the address bar. – MrWhite Jun 25 '18 at 15:45
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    I have to set it to "Disabled" to restore how it has always worked up until a few days ago. – Jeffrey Simon Jun 26 '18 at 19:59

It is now default setting for chrome://flags/#omnibox-ui-hide-steady-state-url-scheme-and-subdomains

It will now also strip some other subdomains like "m.domain.com" to "domain.com", so "www.m.www.m.example.com" will show up as "example.com" in address bar unless "Omnibox UI Hide Steady-State URL Scheme and Trivial Subdomain" is set to disabled in Chrome 69



Here is what's needed to get the scheme (aka protocol) and 'trivial' subdomains to be shown on Mac OS 10.13.6 running Chrome 70.0.3538.67:

  • chrome://flags/#views-browser-windows set to enabled
  • chrome://flags/#omnibox-ui-hide-steady-state-url-scheme-and-subdomains set to disabled
  • chrome://flags/#upcoming-ui-features set to Default or disabled.
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