I have been tasked with running our Windows only software on a Linux distro. So I've decided to run it on wine on Ubuntu 18.04. The Ubuntu is from a net-install, so I pretty much have nothing but X11, openbox, and I configure everything through xterm.

On Windows, our software receives the time from our equipment (running on IRIG-B from GPS satallite) and changes the system time, so that the computer time and the equipment time are in sync. The software verifies and attempts this every 5 minutes.

I left the software running on wine over the weekend with wine "path" without detaching the process from xterm and when I came back I noticed that I had gotten a bunch of these messages in xterm, every 5 minutes or so:

err:ntdll:NtSetSystemTime Cannot set time to Mon Jun 18 09:49:19 2018
, time adjustment -3153: Operation not permitted

So I check the wine source of NtSetSystemTime and see that it's a wrapper for settimeofday. So I look man page of settimeofday and it says that it requires CAP_SYS_TIME. So I setcap with cap_sys_time+ep for wine-stable, wineserver, and the software executable, but it doesn't work.

I have tried a combination of +ep, +ei, and +eip, but that doesn't work either. I've turned off the NTP using timedatectl set-ntp 0 and have tried setting set-local-rtc on and off.

I have also tried changing the system time to about 10 minutes off to see if it would change it, but that didn't uncover anything either.

I have run out of things to try. What am I missing? I just need to be able to get the software to change the system time.


I figured it out. After digging around for more wine related stuff, I realized there's actually a bunch more wine related stuff in /usr/lib/wine.

Even though which wine returns /usr/bin/wine which symlinks to /usr/bin/wine-stable, the one you really want to setcap is /usr/lib/wine/wine.

So all in all, this worked for me:

sudo setcap cap_sys_time+ep /usr/lib/wine/wine

I tested them all, and figured out which ones didn't need cap given to, and have concluded that only that one really needs cap.

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