First off, I wasn't sure if this was a question better suited to Super User or one of the other communities like Cross Validated, so please let me know if this is in the wrong place.

I'm having an issue where while I am actively using RStudio, Windows 10 suspends the Rstudio App process and RStudio freezes.

This shows up in Task Manager with the new little green leaf symbol as seen here. The leaf icon shows up in Task Manager next to Apps/Background processes that have at least one sub-process that is suspended, which you can see when you expand the list on the process tab of Task Manager OR if you look at the blue/ 'Status: Suspended' processes in Resource Monitor.

I've looked for info on whether other people are having the same issue specifically with RStudio and didn't find anything useful. I also searched for general information on how to tell Windows 10 not to suspend a particular app.

  • Most people seem to search for info on these suspended processes because they aren't able to kill a process once suspended. However, I'm not having any issues killing the process once its suspended, simply trying to avoid it being suspended in the first place.

  • Other general info I've found says that Windows suspends processes like Cortana, reminders, etc. that run in the background or are pre-launched, to save battery and/or resources. However, I am actively using RStudio when this happens so I'd really like to find a way to create an exception or exclude RStudio from apps that can be suspended this way.

Software Info: I am using RStudio (Version 1.1.453 / R version 3.5.0 (2018-04-23) -- "Joy in Playing") with the 'enhanced R distribution from Microsoft (Microsoft R Open 3.5.0, CRAN mirror snapshot taken on 2018-06-01) on Windows 10 (Version 10.0.17134 Build 17134).

A few more details:

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    This may be a bug in the app itself, in which case you would want to reach out to the developer for assistance. – I say Reinstate Monica Jun 26 '18 at 8:04
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    This is a great question, I came here looking for a way to prevent this problem with another application. There must be a way to stop Windows from suspending tasks like this. – Andrew Mar 17 at 0:29

Not sure if this helps anyone with similar issues, but I've had similar issues with other software (Qt and Java), and after reading a lot of advices to disable anti-virus software (I don't have any), found the culprit. In my case it was Acronis Active Protection. Not exactly an anti-virus, but something very similar. I usually turn it off right after installing Acronis, but either didn't do it this one time, or it turned back on after an update. After disabling it, processes no longer get suspended. Hope this helps.

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Sideways and sort of nuclear way of preventing app suspension but it seems to work.

-------------------------------Excerpted from Autoit ----------------------------------

"Jon Noooooooo! Jon Administrators

878 11,270 posts Posted October 2, 2015 (edited) Not tested but try:

Run gpedit.msc Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System -> Troubleshooting and Diagnostics -> Windows Resource Exhaustion Detection and Resolution. Configure it to just detect Edited October 2, 2015 by Jon"

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    It's REALLY not clear what you are saying here and therefore it is not clear whether you're actually answering the question. Please use the EDIT button to clarify and improve your answer. – music2myear Mar 8 '19 at 0:06

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