Is there an alternative to trying to remember all the advanced search options? Like an actual GUI as we had for windows XP?

As powerful as Windows Search apparently is, I cannot possibly remember all the options available. How is a mere mortal like my Dad supposed to understand and retain all this?

I get the shakes every time i need to find something on Win 7. Anyone have some relief?

Part 2: Why does it RE-run a search if i add a column and try to sort on that?


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Well, for a start you get plenty of help in composing the search queries. I don't know about you but the frequency with which I compose ridiculously complicated search queries are ... rare.

In any case, have you noticed that there is a little line of readily-insertable constraints showing up just below where you type in your search?

        Search box in Windows 7's Explorer

Clicking on one of those "Add a search filter" links will give a little more UI, tailored to the type of filter—but you can also just type away:

        Adding a date filter    Adding a size filter

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    Perhaps he is typing his search in the Start menu (which is what I usually do)... the helpful features don't show up there.
    – coneslayer
    Apr 21, 2010 at 19:46
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    @cone: Well, then using Win+F instead of just Win should solve that. You can still type instantaneously there. However, the OP's second complaint with columns and so suggests that it isn't in the start menu.
    – Joey
    Apr 21, 2010 at 22:25

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