I want overlay multiple videos on the image and create new video, and remove all audio of the video.

String[] cmd={"-i","/storage/emulated/0/Download/videocollage.png","-i",videopaththree,"-i",videopathone,"-i",videopathone,"-i",videopathone,"-filter_complex","[1:v]scale=1029:838[tfg];[2:v]scale=990:1200[bfg];[3:v]scale=510:877[threefg];[4:v]scale=500:877[fourfg];[0:v][tfg]overlay=0:86[ol];[ol][bfg]overlay=main_w-overlay_w:538[oll];[oll][threefg]overlay=0:934[olll];[olll][fourfg]overlay=546:934","out.mp4"};

the above command creates a video with a background image, and multiple videos but only first video audio play another video play without audio. It takes a long time to execute.

I want to create a new video without any audio and reduce execution time.


To remove all audio, use the switch -an.

From the ffmpeg documentation:

-an (output) Disable audio recording. For full manual control see the -map option.

Here is the link: ffmpeg audio options

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