Git for Windows installs "Git Bash," a bash shell that works in Windows, which is very nice. It's based on MinTTY, I believe.

As well as bash shell scripts, it can also execute Windows batch (.bat) files, e.g.

$ ./some-batch-file.bat

executes without any issue.

But tab-completion doesn't work on these batch files. Typing ./some-TAB has no effect.

Is there some way to enable tab-completion for .bat files in Git bash?

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I can at least provide a workaround for those interested. I start with typing vi or ls followed by ./ and from there tab completion works then I just move the cursor to the start of the line with Home and press Delete three times.

I wish I could just add .bat to an environment variable that holds a list for tab completion but I'm not sure there is one?

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I've manged to get this working, I found a post about getting .sh files to work in Git Bash using this on the first line of the file:


This also works when placed on the first line of .bat files. You still have to start with the ./ before the file name.

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    This isn’t going to work for me (looking to use batch files from a repo, neither want to commit such changes nor maintain my own set of changes across pulls), but good to know. – KRyan Oct 29 '19 at 20:16

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