I have a pdf file with page size 297mm x 90mm. I want to print 2 pages per sheet, stacked vertically, in a landscape page, as shown

enter image description here

I have Adobe Acrobat X Pro.

Is that possible at all?

I understand it may be up to the printer drivers. I am not sure it is necessarily so.

PS1: I have never seen in any printer setup the option to do this. E.g., in my current printer (Toshiba Universal Printer 2) and in the Adobe PDF printer, I only see

enter image description here enter image description here

PS2: This is a related question, where the OP wants to achieve the same goal printing from Excel directly

Microsoft excel 2010- How to have 2 sheets printed on one page in landscape mode

My current source of the pdf file is also Excel, but I had this same need with pdf files from other sources as well.

PS3: Possibly related (for some reason I cannot see the images)

Print multiple pdf pages on single paper


PS4: It seems that it can be done under Linux. I am under Win10, in a PC where I cannot install Windows Subsystem for Linux.

PS5: It may be possible with pdfnup. I have yet to try it.

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