We host the development/testing copy of a website in IIS on Windows 2016. While the production copy is on a public website and requires no login, our copy grants access based on Windows Authentication against Active Directory accounts. Now we're being told that we have to present Terms of Use and that the user must press an Accept button ''before authentication by the server''. To me, this implies two approaches:

  1. The server, on receiving a request from a non-authenticated user, and without having received an acceptance, presents a TOU page that doesn't itself require authentication; records the activation of an Accept button; and then displays the usual login prompt. Perhaps this calls for using a .NET http handler (this is a .NET website) or something like that.

  2. The server, instead of showing a dialog with a name field, a password field, and an OK button, shows a dialog with a name field, a password field, the text of the TOU, and an Accept button.

I'm not sure that either is possible, but I hate the idea of having to restructure our website to use forms authentication just for this. Is there a way to meet the requirement without replacing our existing authentication infrastructure?

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