Using the Bel Character in cmd (the CTRL+G character) I can make a sound in my batch file. However, because of how that works, it makes a new line. Is there a way I could not make a new line when making the sound?


I ended up using this:

Echo | set /p=“Ctrl+G”

Where ctrl+g is the Bel character.

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Check this link - the good thing is that is a copy-paste-able code without need of obscure characters that can be misinterpreted:

@echo off

::Define a Linefeed variable
set LF=^

::above 2 blank lines are critical - do not remove.
call :hexprint "0x0B" BEL
echo --%BEL%--

exit /b

:hexPrint  string  [rtnVar]

  for /f eol^=^%LF%%LF%^ delims^= %%A in (
    'forfiles /p "%~dp0." /m "%~nx0" /c "cmd /c echo(%~1"'
  ) do if "%~2" neq "" (set %~2=%%A) else echo(%%A

exit /b
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