I have an Access application first created in Access 2000. The Workgroup file was created in Access 2000. It worked fine in Access 2007, but when I try to use it in Access 2013 (or later) it says that it cannot open a file in a older/previous version format.

The front-end is in .ACCDB/E format, and the back-end in .MDB format. Both can be opened in Access 2016.

I know I have to convert the MDW file from the older (2000) format. I have installed Access 2003 (on a virtual machine), and opened the Workgroup file with a copy of it as the Workgroup file. The user with admin rights cannot open the file. When I open the MDW-file normally, Access 2016 offers to convert the file, but the user with admin rights then doesn't have rights on the MSysObjects and MSysACEs tables.

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