I've got over 16 000 line entries (stock). Out of the 16 000 I only want to filter 320 of the multiple stock codes in the "ITEM_CODE" column. Instead of selecting one at a time going through that huge list using the drop down filter, I want to select all at once (multiple stock codes). They do run in sequence i.e. row 620 to row 940. I only want to select that specific codes as I need to run a formula for those ones only. PS. I have never used or studied VBA to help me out so I have to do it with formulas etc. if possible.

  • Could you share some sample data with us along with the field name on which you want to filter records, will help us to fix the issue. – Rajesh S Jun 30 '18 at 5:56

You could say

  if(and(row()<x,row()>y),formula, 0)

If you want to be able to sort the list (I will assume it's an Excel table, not a standard range), start by creating a list of the items codes you want to calculate the formula on...

Then add a formula like

   If(iserror(match(@[item_code],{created list},0)),0, formula)

If it's just filtering the list you are after, and it is all sorted, you could select the lot using Ctrl + g; a640:a480.

Then copy those cells to a new location, and use a slight variation on the second formula.

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I usually solve these type of problems by adding another column in the table.

In this column I add an if that will be true on the rows that I need.
Example if the number you are looking for is between 100 and 200 then use:


Change "A" to the column you want to filter on. I assume your table starts at row 2.
And just fill down the column. Then you can filter on this new column.

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Probably the simplest way to filter for a contiguous range of values is to select them, change their fill colour and then filter by colour.

A quick way to do this would be, for your example:

  • Select the ITEM_CODE cell of row 620
  • Shift+Page Dn multiple times and then Shift+Up and/or Shift+Down until the range down to row 940 is selected
  • Change the fill colour of the selection
  • Filter for that colour

Worksheet Screenshot

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