VMWorkstation Player 14.1.2 build-8497320 Windows 10 Preview [Version 10.0.17704.1000]

I tried to install the trial version of Windows 2016 server without a licence key. VMWare detected it was Windows 2016 Server. It started the Windows installation screens. I got the error message “Windows cannot find the Microsoft Software License Terms. Make sure the installation sources are valid and restart the installation.”

On previous versions of Windows server I had not needed a licence key for evaluation versions.


I tried again using a licence key and that changed the error message.

No Windows installation screens yet. I got to the "Press any key to boot" message within VMWare. unsuccessful. -EFI Network STart PXE over IPv4

I then shut down my virtual machine and (based on suggestions I'd read earlier) I deleted my (virtual) floppy drive from the VM hardware.

I then restarted my machine and Windows installed normally on my VM.

I hope this saves somebody some time.


Aug 2018

Forget about the easy install that works well e.g. for Ubuntu. We will be using the CD ROM via the BIOS to launch Windows install.

1 Creating a new machine Work your way through the New Virtual Machine wizard, Select "I will install the operating system later"

Guest OS select Microsoft Windows

Name of virtual machine - give it a name

Specify disk capacity - complete as required

Customise hardware
Select the CD/DVD Device status connected at power on - ticked Use ISO image file (browse to location of Windows 2016 ISO image)

Finish the wizard

The image is now switched off

2 We will now power on the machine. Then wait for the BIOS/Firmware (Boot Manager) to startup

To save a few seconds you may find VM, Power menu, Power on to Firmware

Within the Boot Manager select the CD Rom drive

The screen will say press any key

The in a few seconds the Windows logo will display on a black screen and Windows will start the install


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