I have a word document that is using mergefields supplied by an external system so have linked a datasource to provide the mergefields.

One of the mergefields required shows a balance but it pulls through onto the document with a minus figure eg. -£10.00. This is technically correct on the external system as there is a credit but the document we are sending is for a refund so it currently reads as, "please find enclosed payment of -£10.00" which doesn't quite look right!

Is there a way I can hide the minus symbol? I looked at an if then else statement but can't see an obvious way of doing it? Is this possible?


You can do this by using numeric picture formats defined for merge fields. Follow these steps:

  1. Select merge field on document
  2. Press Shift + F9 to switch to field coding. You would see something like {MERGEFIELD MyData}.
  3. Edit merge filed like this {MERGEFIELD MyData \# "0.00;0.00"} Here \# is switch for numeric formatting. "0.00;0.00" is formatting for positive and negative numbers (separated by ;).
  4. Press F9 to update merge field.

You should now see positive numbers instead of negative. 0.00 can be changed per your need.

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