I'm trying to put together a formula that will calculate the cost of egress from an AWS region to the internet. It doesn't have to live update so it's basically just a tiered pricing model.

I found a forum post that suggested trying the SUMPRODUCT function in excel and I tried it, but I'm getting different results from the pricing calculator.

The formula I'm trying to model is:

| Data Transfer OUT From Amazon EC2 To Internet |               |
| Up to 1 GB / Month                            | $0.00 per GB  |
| Next 9.999 TB / Month                         | $0.09 per GB  |
| Next 40 TB / Month                            | $0.085 per GB |
| Next 100 TB / Month                           | $0.07 per GB  |
| Greater than 150 TB / Month                   | $0.05 per GB  |

The SUMPRODUCT formula I tried so far is:


Where cell H2 contains the number of bytes being egressed.

However, this reports an incorrect result for large values. For example, with an input of 822031 GB (8.22031e+14 bytes) my formula gives a result of $63,742.09058 where the simple monthly calculator gives a result of $44,992.66; which is a fairly significant difference.

Is there an easier way to model this pricing scheme in Excel?
Can anyone spot the error in my SUMPRODUCT logic?

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For now I've decided to go with this formula:

        SUM((L4-(1000000000+9999000000000+40000000000000+10000000000000))*.00000000005, 10000000000000*.00000000007, 40000000000000*.000000000085, 9999000000000*.00000000009),
        SUM((L4-(1000000000+9999000000000+40000000000000))*.00000000007, 40000000000000*.000000000085, 9999000000000*.00000000009)
      SUM((L4-(1000000000+9999000000000))*.000000000085, 9999000000000*.00000000009)

It's still not giving me the exact same numbers as the simple monthly calculator, but it's much closer. Using this formula with 8.22031e+14 as input, I get $43,101.46 which is much closer to the $44,992.66 expected result.

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