I first discovered Auto Hot Key when I needed to disable the alt-menu option with the script

~LAlt Up:: return

It worked back there, but its been a couple of months since I noticed it stopped working.
I already have tried run AutoHotKey as administrator with no luck.
I don't have idea what could be causing this.
I have another ahk script for overlaying windows, for the matter of conflit, but even when I disable it the alt-menu script still doesn't work. Help.


Indeed, since some time ~LAlt up::return does not work anymore. I beleive there was some change in Windows keyboard event system.

After some experiments I've found working code:

    send {LAlt down}

LAlt up::
    send {LAlt up}

And this also works:

  • I think this is related to Autohotkey version, because I have other PC with latest Windows 10 and old Autohotkey v1.1.16.05 and old solution works. Your first solution works perfectly. Solution "LAlt::LAlt" has issues: hotkey "Alt-Win-Key" leaves Win key stuck down. – Vanav Oct 31 '18 at 17:49

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