The find and replace box in Word for Mac 2016 includes a "Find all word forms" option. When I check this box, I expected it to find every word in the attached screenshot, but it only finds 3 words:

enter image description here

If I uncheck "Find all word forms", exactly the same 3 words are found as below. So what function does "Find all word forms" serve?

enter image description here


So what function does "Find all word forms" serve?

It will find related words, using a grammar-based lexicon.

Find All Word Forms: When selected, the operation finds related word forms. For example, searching for "eat" would find "eaten" and "ate."

Source Search Options | Advanced Find-and-Replace Tools in Word | InformIT


You can find words that contain the same letters using wildcards, but choosing "all word forms" allows you to search for, say, "is" and also find "are," "were," "be," etc. The search is based on a grammar-based lexicon.

Source Question about the meaning of "Find all word forms" option - Microsoft Office Word Forum - WordBanter

In your particular case, the lexicon does not think that "adequacy" and "adequate" are related words.

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