How do I make a Command Prompt shortcut to open a different directory?

Currently, to navigate to the directory I want, I must open Command Prompt and type

C:\Users\me>cd ..\..\repos\RepoSet\UnfortunatelyLongNameAndSimilarToOtherRepos

I use this repo all the time, so I would like Command Prompt to open to this directory right away.

Note that I don't want to open a file, or execute any command other than cd. I just want to open the directory to my repo.

I am using Windows 10 if that makes a difference.

Problem with command line in windows has an answer by @Dave that seems to be what I want, but I don't know where to place the file he mentions.

  1. Create a file called mydir.text
  2. Place the file here: C:\Users\me\CmdFiles
  3. The contents of the file should read

    @set path=%path%;c:\utils @cd C:\repos\RepoSet\UnfortunatelyLongNameAndSimilarToOtherRepos @cmd.exe

  4. Edit the Path environment variable by navigating here Start -> Edit the system environment variables -> Environment Variables -> System variables -> click on Path -> Edit -> Add the path C:\repos\RepoSet\UnfortunatelyLongNameAndSimilarToOtherRepos under the list of paths.

The file contents are the same that @Dave's answer provided in Problem with command line in windows, but with more context that a new user would need.

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