I've got a Mac that won't boot and I'd like to recover whatever data I can before wiping the hard drive and reinstalling. I'm looking for something similar to TRK (which is Windows-centric) — boot from CD, mount the hard drive, and copy to a network share.

I just noticed TRK does appear to support HFS+; has anyone had success with this?


You could try using PhotoRec, which is free, open source, and has some similar capabilities. It's on the Knoppix Live CD along with TestDisk.

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    does this work also with APFS? – Nisba Feb 16 '18 at 22:13

I ultimately did use TRK, which does support HFS+. I had to do a fair amount of Googling to get mounting to work, but I ended up with this:

# mount -r -t hfsplus /dev/sda2 /sda2

-r mounts the drive read-only (to avoid any further damage to data) and -t hfsplus tells it you're mounting a HFS+ partition. (hfsplus didn't show up in the man page or with man -? – I spent at least half an hour figuring that one out.)

I then mounted a shared drive on a Windows server.

# mount -t cifs -o username=**** //server-ip/share /mnt0

It will ask for your password and mount the share.

Since my Windows server runs Windows Server 2008, I had to allow unsigned SMB connections. (I was getting the error smb signing is mandatory and we have disabled it.) Fire up regedit and navigate to


and change requiresecuritysignature to 0.

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+1 to Alex - agreed you should get an external harddrive to perform the deposit point next time. I think your just adding extra complications to the recovery actions that you probably dont need.

Taking the drive out of the laptop, using a 2.5 ata connector, bought from any computer parts store and placing it in a desktop pc or an external harddrive case, then run your recovery software of choice. Ask a friend for loan of pc or laptop if you dont have a spare computer to work with.

I personally use 2 types. "R-Studio" which recovers any type of file system, runs on windows, or BackTrack bootable linux cd. Have tried many many others, but these 2 will always stay in my kit.

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  • External drives cost money; using software to copy to my existing file server is free. Also, taking the hard drive out of a MacBook Pro voids the warranty, which means that is not an option. – josh3736 Feb 27 '11 at 17:04

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