I am attempting to place the following function into an excel cell; however, I am told that their are too many arguments in the function.

Here is the function:=IF(ISERROR(M12/SUM(E12:I12),0, M12/SUM(E12:I12))

Is this possible? If so, what changes do I make?

Thanks a ton!

  • try: =IF(ISERROR(M12/SUM(E12:I12)),0, M12/SUM(E12:I12) – cybernetic.nomad Jul 11 '18 at 17:52

You were missing a ) for the ISERROR:

 =IF(ISERROR(M12/SUM(E12:I12)),0, M12/SUM(E12:I12))

But your formula can be simplified with the use of IFERROR instead:


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