I installed a program using conda and pip with sudo privileges because the program requires tons of dependencies which installations are root required.

After successfully installed the program, I was asked to use sudo to run it, otherwise, it emits many error message which should be due to permission denial with my best guess. This is not preferred because I need to use shell to automatically submit jobs with this program, and I don't know how to provide the root privilege in this case (maybe there is a way?)

I tried to chown -R for the entire miniconda folder including the program I installed, the situation was not improved. So my question is: how to remove the sudo requirement of this program?

Any suggestions appreciated!

  • Copy the error message and add it to the question. Most probably you've run smth like sudo pip install --user pkgname, which indeed will break permissions in your home dir. – hoefling Jul 13 '18 at 18:10

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