This question gives a great way of setting up a task which triggers if another task in Windows Task Scheduler fails to start: Make Windows Task Scheduler alert me on fail

However, a commenter brought up concerns about what happens if that task fails to start (e.g. due to a password change) - it will repeatedly trigger itself. I am concerned about what impact this might have, and I don't want to set this up on our servers until I understand the consequences.

Has anyone experienced this, or do you have any ways to mitigate this? We are using Windows server 2012 R2.

If there is a way to limit the maximum number of times per hour it runs, this would help, but I don't see a way of doing that in Scheduler without writing a custom code. Equally, I could write a similar code from scratch that searches the event logs once per hour and sends us a summary, but I would rather start with a simpler solution if there is one.

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