I used to have an old Thinkpad (T420?). The keyboard had a right click key on the keyboard, shown below.

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It was pretty convenient. I could open a folder, scroll down through the files in the folder using the arrow keys, and then click the right click key on the keyboard. Regardless of where the cursor was located, clicking the right click key would cause the right-click context menu to open for the file I had selected.

My solution

I recently got a T430. It does not have the right click key on the keyboard. After realizing that I used the right click key quite often, I decided to use an AutoHotKey script to emulate the old right click key.

The script I used (in a .ahk file) was:

PrintScreen:: Click Right

It makes the PrtSc key right click. The PrtSc key on the T430 keyboard is located right where the right click key was on the T420, shown below.

enter image description here

The problem

However, this acts as if I clicked the right-click mouse button. So rather than it right-clicking on whatever file/folder/thing I have selected, it right-clicks where the cursor is located.

Is there a way to mimic the right click key found on the T420 keyboard?


Instead of using the right click key, use the AppsKey in AutoHotkey.

This is the key that invokes the right-click context menu.

PrintScreen::send {AppsKey}

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