I have installed Ubuntu 16.04 on my acer aspire v3-575G. I was prompted to set a password to disable secure boot and I complied. After restarting to configure my boot order(I am dual booting) I was surprised to see that my BIOS settings are all greyed out. The only single thing I can interact with are the date and time and the user password from the security tab. Things I tried: 1. 2. I am running out of options. Any help would be welcome. Things I've tried:

  • Enter the user password
  • Enter a wrong password
  • 3x then using an Unlock BIOS password(I got into BIOS but its still the same (Greyed Out Options)
  • Performing a full clean reinstall of Ubuntu (I followed this guide).

After trying software options I went to hard reset options. So I also tried.

  • Reseat the CMOS battery (5 mins - 10 mins)

Reseating CMOS only made it worse. It just changed time and disabled F12 BOOT Options)

I feel desperate and mentally exhausted. Any help would be welcome.


There is often a different BIOS password for USER and SUPERVISOR or Admin. USER allows you to access Date and time, and little else, whereas Supervisor gives you full access.

I have three suggestions for you if you're not sure about a supervisor password:

  1. Use the CMOS reset jumper to clear the BIOS. The manual page can be found here: Acer Aspire Service Manual
  2. Try removing the battery for 30 minutes, rather than 5-10. There just might be a big juicy capacitor lurking around somewhere, feeding the trickle of juice needed to keep the systems alive.
  3. Try updating/re-flashing the BIOS: Download from Asus website

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