I wanted to ask if there is a way for me to clear the list of options availble on the Launch Application menu (see screenshot image below), which pops up on windows when trying to launch a file, that does not have a default application assigned to it.

I was attempting to try and get a html tel link to open via the ring central desktop application for windows, by clicking the choose other application option, but have so far been unsuccesful, and because of this I have a bunch of unwanted application options to pick from now.

I want this list of options to return back to default, whereby it only shows the option skype for business again, therefore if you have a solution of how to do this, I would really appreciate if you could show me.

I tried to google for a solution, but whenever I search for clearing the Launch Application menu in windowsI get results that talk about clearing start up applications in windows.

Thank you.

Windows 10 Launch Application Menu

  • Run this command assoc .html. What output does command prompt show? – Biswapriyo Jul 15 '18 at 5:16
  • @Biswapriyo hello, when i ran that command in command prompt it returns: .html=htmlfile, just want to ask, what is this for? – SShah Jul 15 '18 at 15:36

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