I'm using EaseUS ToDo Backup to clone an HDD to an SSD. Partway throught the Disk/Partition Clone process, I get this error:

Linux emergency disk cannot support GPT disk. 
Please create WinPE emergency disk and try again.

The only part of that I understand is that Linux is an OS that's not on any of my drives.

After I click "OK", the screen says

Initializing clone, please wait...

Which is contradicted by the progress bar reading 100% and the non-greyed-out button that says Finish.

Why is this situation happening, and how do I handle it?


When you select to make an "Emergency Disk" you are given the option to make a WINPE or a LINUX disk. If you don't have Linux, always select WINPE.

This option is located in one of the pull down menus.

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