pretty much the title. I searched a bit, but all I could find is the standard settings. I come from Linux, where this thing is built in, but I expect there is some tool I can use to achieve this.

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First you may read info on how to set default shortcuts: Shortcuts for switching keyboard layout

On windows 10 there is a new feature: you can switch with Win + Space (just test and see)

Here is an approach with Capslock for Windows 7: Capslock to switch layout
Similar AHK script works on Windows 10 as well.

To summarize tested and working Autohotkey approaches:

Option 1. Bind Capslock to simulate Alt + Shift

First make sure that Alt + Shift is the default key combo. Use this AHK script:

    send {Lalt down}{Shift}{Lalt up}

Option 2. Bind Capslock to the new Win + Space combo

I'd prefer this because it gives good visual feedback when switching.

Here is the script to bind it to Capslock:

sel := 0

#if (sel=0)
    send {lwin down}{Space}
    sel := 1

capslock up::
    send {lwin up}
    sel := 0
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I'm assuming you mean switching between the standard qwerty,azerty etc. keyboard layouts and not between any custom mapping presets. If you have those different keyboards installed for your selected language in the Region & Language settings you should be able to quickly switch between them with win + space shortcut.

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    No, I actually mean switching between languages. I prefer the use of a single key over dual key, and I have almost no use for the capslock key to justify keeping it there. – Yotam Jul 16 '18 at 18:39

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