Errors in Moving Data files to D:\

I am running win pro Evaluataion copy Build 17713.rs5_release 180706-1551 – I am setting up a new laptop, so I have no real data on the new machine at this time.

I sought to move my "Desktop", "Documents" etc files off of C:. I will call the above files "System User Files" for this discussion.

I changed the System User Files to Quark xxxxxx (ie: Quark Desktop) so that I could differentiate Desktops on about five other machines.

I originally succcessfully moved them to D:\Quark Data\Quark Documents etc.

Then I realized that I wanted my System User Files synced by onedrive. I changed OneDrive's location from C:\Users\Username\OneDrive to D:\OneDrive

then using windows explorer -> properties -> location I redefined the original System User File location to D:\OneDrive\Quark Data\Quark Documents etc

I may have applied mklink somewhere in there. I forgot my reasoning. (I am 73 and have those moments).

Current Status: I have successfully relocated to D:\OneDrive\Quark Data: Quark 3D Objects Quark Desktop Quark Documents Quark Downloads Quark Videeos All of the above folders show up in Windows Explorer where one would expected them to be seen under "This PC" but are in fact located in D:\OneDrive

but I have a duplicate of Quark Pictures and I am missing Quark Music

Using Windows Explorer, I found both duplicates of Quark Pictures point to the exact same file on D:\OneDrive\Quark Data\ There are no duplicates on D:\OneDRive Quark Data\

I have no idea where Quark Music is that is supposed to be listed in Explorer as a system file in "This PC"

Quark Music is located on D:\OneDrive\Quark Data\Quark Music as is one Quark Pictures (D:\OneDrive\Quark Data\Quark Pictures)

Please help me get rid of one of the duplicate Quark Pictures seen in Explorer in the normal location for System User Files under "This PC" AND help me retrieve Quark Music or just plain old Music where it should be displayed in the normal location for the System User Files (under "This PC")

Thank you. bil

  • "I have a current W10 insider preview version." - Please provide us which build you are running exactly. This will help us identify if the problem is widespread or simply unique to your configuration. At this point you might be better off, doing a Reset, and/or reversing all the changes you made. – Ramhound Jul 16 '18 at 14:15
  • I am running win pro Evaluataion copy Build 17713.rs5_release 180706-1551 – whburling Jul 16 '18 at 19:16
  • You should provide that vital information as an edit to your question. – Ramhound Jul 16 '18 at 19:19

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