I have windows 8.1, with motherboard Gigabyte H81M-S and realtek audio drivers.

I was using my headphones and suddenly they started making noise like really old speakers that just buzz. I reconnected my audio jacks in front and back panels, realtek was able to detect the change but didn't play any audio. So I rebooted couple of times and it stopped detecting audio jacks completely.

So I thought I would reinstall drivers from DVD but no use. I downloaded latest drivers from the site but no luck either. So I plugged my headphones in my Display and it worked when I set the playback device as my display.

I tried creating a bootable image of Linux flavor and live booted it. It also failed to play audio from the front panel and played audio successfully from Display. I did change playback devices accordingly.

Any guesses what could be happening? My friend over phone says it can't be motherboard failure. If it doesn't gets fixed, I don't want to get new Motherboard, what are my alternate options? As my display doesn't support mic.

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