I have apache server running on Ubuntu 16 server which is totally headless,i have created a seedbox onto it under user USER1

My download directory is /home/USER1/rtorrent/download

For some reason so that my seedbox could reseed torrents from other seedbox (i have backed up data on new seedbox from old one)

Here is one article on from reddit I read about https://www.reddit.com/r/seedboxes/comments/47xpxt/help_moved_seedbox_cos_how_to_reseed/d0h048g/

My old seedbox directory was /home/user2/rtorrent/download.

I have created - adduser user2 on my new seedbox and given successive paths and given symlink as described in article but it doesn't seems to work.

I was asking whether I suppose to put some permission or ownership to user2 so that seedbox running under USER1 should have symlink control over user2

Make a note I don't know user privileges and i am totally new to this but I am interested in learning.

Please let me know.

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