I want to add a key to a layout.

I have an en-US keyboard layout, and I want to add this letter "ñ" and this one "Ñ" to the N key. It's possible to add this key by pressing ALT+N (ñ) and ALT+SHIFT+N (Ñ)??

I found apps like sharpkeys or keytweak, but they don't be able to do this.


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I don't think you need one.. I normally use Alt + 1,6,4 (on numpad) -> ñ & Alt + 1,6,4 (on numpad) -> Ñ for my special character needs.

If I'm lazy, I'll do Windows + R > charmap. [ you can see the keyboard shortcut at the bottom right for each special character ] ( :

example reference (I don't really use this one.. but the content are the same) : link

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