I am receiving Error 5 Access Denied Exception when trying to overwrite Sectors belonging to System files, but can succeed on other Sectors just fine. I then have dismounted (mountvol X: /p) the particular Partition that is linked to them Sectors but to no avail. I need a solution because I am conducting an experiment with the goal to better understand and ultimately being able to repair damaged $MFT. Thanks.

The path is "\\.\PhysicalDrive1"

    Public Function WriteBytes(ByVal path As String, _
                  ByVal OFFSET_POS As Long, ByVal data As Byte()) As Boolean

   Dim handle As IntPtr = IntPtr.Zero
   handle = CreateFile(path, FileAccess.ReadWrite, FileShare.ReadWrite, _
                  IntPtr.Zero, FileMode.Open, FileAttributes.Normal, IntPtr.Zero)

   Dim bytesWritten As UInteger
   Dim nativeOverlapped = New NativeOverlapped With {
                .OffsetLow = 0,
                .OffsetHigh = 0

   Dim msg As Boolean = SetFilePointerEx(handle, OFFSET_POS, IntPtr.Zero, 

   Debug.WriteLine(String.Format("{0}: Setting Sector to position {1} ", _
   msg, OFFSET_POS \ 512))

   If Not WriteFile(handle, data, CUInt(data.Length), _
                  bytesWritten, nativeOverlapped) Then

        Debug.WriteLine(String.Format("Unable to write to the volume. Error code: {0}", Marshal.GetLastWin32Error()))

        Return False
   End If 
   Return True
End Function

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