When I open the Power Pivot window, I cannot use the Ctrl+PgUp and Ctrl+PgDown shortcuts to switch between tabs.

If I switch to another window (Alt+Tab) and then switch back to Power Pivot window, I can switch between the tabs, but only once. That is to say, if I were in Tab1 and I used Alt+Tab to switch to another window and then switch back and then press Ctrl+PgDown, it'd successfully switch to Tab2. However, if I then try to switch back to Tab1, the shortcut doesn't respond.

More annoying thing is that the focus doesn't seem to be on the cells region by default either. So, I have to click anywhere in the cells region to actually manipulate the data.

If I hide the Calculation Area, then this problem seems to disappear, but I'll have to turn it off for each sheet. But the initial focus doesn't seem to be on the Calculation Area either, because if I press the arrow keys, the cursor doesn't move inside the Calculation Area. Of course, once I click any cell in that area, I can use the arrow keys normally.

So, why am I not able to use the shortcuts? I depend keyboard for almost all kinds of operations. So, it's annoying to use mouse to click on any region to get the focus first before I can use the regular shortcuts.

I tried looking for this problem via Google, but nobody else seems to have posted anything even remotely similar to this.

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