With Firefox, I can select History Show All History and it has a "Location" column with the URLs.

If I select Tools Downloads, it shows the size of each download, but it does not show URLs. It does have a option to Copy Download Link, but I would prefer to see the URLs at a glance if possible

Does Firefox have a setting for this?


The free Nirsoft FirefoxDownloadsView can replace the Firefox Downloads display :


  • what i mean to say is that its not FOSS – Steven Penny Jul 28 '18 at 19:32

Here is a raw style procedure. Firefox stores the download list in a SQLite database. Let assume that file as a mixture of a spreadsheet table and a dictionary. The name of that file is places.sqlite (or sometimes Places.sqlite). So, how to find that file? This depends on the Operating System. Here are the probable path of that file. The random_characters.default folder can be browsed through a file manager/file explorer.

  • Windows: %Roaming%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\random_characters.default\places.sqlite
  • Linux: ~/.mozilla/firefox/random_characters.default/places.sqlite

To open that SQLite file, here I choose the sqlite tool which works with commands. But users may use SQlite Database browser which is a GUI program. Copy the places.sqlite file in same folder of sqlite3.exe program. Open a terminal in that folder and run this command (requires some SQL programming knowledge):

.open places.sqlite
SELECT url FROM moz_places WHERE url LIKE '%FileName%';

The command opens that SQLite file. Then it searches for the moz_places table, selects only the url column, and shows the url which contains FileName. The percentage signs are wildcards. Change FileName with the file URL you want to know. The FileName sometimes matches with the tittle column.

Here is a screenshot in SQLite Database browser, see the moz_placs table and url column:



No, Firefox doesn't have a setting for this. You can "Copy Download Link" (like you already noticed) or "Go To Download Page", but you cannot see the URLs at a glance. You can see the domain (like example.com) next the size and the date for the downloads, but not the full link.

You can use 3rd party software, as @harrymc suggested, to do this.


You cannot see download URLs anymore in Firefox, and I'm not aware of any setting to change that. The displayed information was simplified somewhere between Firefox 50 and the current version.

You can however download an extension, that will give you access to an alternative download manager. For example Download Manager (S3), it's licensed under MPL 2.0 and supports latest versions of Firefox.

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