I have this sample data from my HTML table row.

Tester  sample@gmail.com                        2018-07-19  1000    1200        new

And I am copying this data to google spreadsheet with a formula of the total of two columns. But when copying the data, the cell with formula will be overridden and removed. Like the sample image below:

enter image description here

Is there a way or function that will automatically create the formula for the two cells? I tried getting the column letter and row number and combine them so that it will give me the formula. Like =SUM(column(Letter here)row(): column(Letter here)row() But this doesn't give me the column letter.

  1. First of all, you know that it’s overkill to use SUM to add two cells, right?  It’s good enough to say =F53+G53.  But, of course, SUM comes in handy when you want to add many numbers; e.g., =SUM(A53:G53).
  2. The simple way to add Column F and Column G in the current row without hard-coding the row number in the formula is

    =INDEX(F:F,ROW()) + INDEX(G:G,ROW())

    If you want the general solution, you can do


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