I am running Mac 10.13.6 High Sierra and my friend accidentally changed the Open With option for the Downloads folder to TextEdit and now if I double click on the Downloads icon from Macintosh HD, it opens up the TextEdit app with bunch of random characters.

I can still get to my Downloads folder via the left task pane but I just want to get it fixed. It is annoying to see a folder which usually has a blue thumbnail turn into a white icon sitting there.


After running ls -leO@, I get this output:

Sadmans-MacBook-Pro:~ jiltedpotion$ ls -leO@ total 0 drwxr-xr-x 2 jiltedpotion staff - 64 Apr 25 01:39 AnacondaProjects drwxr-xr-x 3 jiltedpotion staff - 96 Jul 24 03:09 AndroidStudioProjects drwx------@ 3 jiltedpotion staff - 96 Apr 5 06:21 Applications com.apple.quarantine 21 drwxrwxr-x@ 5 jiltedpotion staff - 160 Jun 21 21:14 Creative Cloud Files com.apple.FinderInfo 32 drwx------+ 8 jiltedpotion staff - 256 Jul 25 05:33 Desktop 0: group:everyone deny delete drwx------+ 19 jiltedpotion staff - 608 Jul 13 04:28 Documents 0: group:everyone deny delete drwx------+ 19 jiltedpotion staff - 608 Jul 25 18:18 Downloads 0: group:everyone deny delete drwx------@ 72 jiltedpotion staff hidden 2304 May 3 16:54 Library com.apple.FinderInfo 32 0: group:everyone deny delete drwx------+ 16 jiltedpotion staff - 512 Jul 25 05:02 Movies 0: group:everyone deny delete drwx------+ 9 jiltedpotion staff - 288 Apr 11 21:11 Music 0: group:everyone deny delete drwx------+ 46 jiltedpotion staff - 1472 Jul 14 03:27 Pictures 0: group:everyone deny delete drwxr-xr-x 7 jiltedpotion admin - 224 May 21 09:07 PromotionRes drwxr-xr-x+ 4 jiltedpotion staff - 128 Apr 2 22:05 Public 0: group:everyone deny delete drwx------ 4 jiltedpotion staff - 128 Jul 25 05:02 VirtualBox VMs drwxr-xr-x 3 jiltedpotion staff - 96 Apr 5 03:01 YoutubeDL

When I click on Downloads in the Finder's sidebar, it takes me in the downloads folder without any problem. The problem begins if I try to go from Macintosh HD.

  • If someone wants further clarification, you could check out the situation here: imgur.com/a/nZjJ2QQ – jiltedpotato Jul 24 '18 at 22:42
  • 1
    I'm pretty sure something weirder than an "Open With" change has happened, but I'm not sure what. Can you open the Terminal utility, run the command "ls -leO@" (note: the "l" characters are lowercase letter L's, and the "O" is a capital letter O rather than zero). Then edit the output into your question, in code format (so it's readable). Also, what happens when you click the Downloads icon in the Finder's sidebar? – Gordon Davisson Jul 25 '18 at 3:38
  • I'm with @GordonDavisson on this one. You don't get an 'open with' option on a folder, ever... unless something, somewhere, went badly wrong already. – Tetsujin Jul 25 '18 at 6:18
  • I wonder if this is one of those rare situations where manually fixing permissions might actually fix the issue: sudo diskutil repairPermissions / – Steve Chambers Jul 29 '18 at 22:17

I don't know anything about Mac but my first instinct would be to revert what he did by changing the open with... back to it's default setting. Or you could try using a restore point to undo it if you so happen to conveniently have one. Again, i have no idea how Macs work, never owned one and i never plan to either.

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