I am using VS VS 2010. Whenever i switch to designer view, the form crashes. I have not written any code in the form.It is at its default form! Still it crashes.Even when i add a new form it crashes. It works fine in code view. the designer view is giving me problems.

I know it is an already asked question.I have tried all of them.None of them worked.

I tried to Run VS in safe mode using cmd. It still crashes! Then i unchecked Tools> Options > Debugging> unchecked Enabled just my code

I tried many other things too.Still it crashes. How do i solve it?

  • Have you tried repairing your Visual Studio 2010 installation? What version of Windows are you running? Please provide this vital information as an edit to your question. – Ramhound Jul 25 '18 at 13:44

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